Bad Chicago Drivers

A collection of reports from cyclists in Chicago

Angry Woman R954682

R954682 Chevy Colbolt, Lakeshore Drive near the museum campus. Bumper to bumper traffic and I’m in the far right lane and this woman behind me is mad I’m not moving faster (because I can’t) so she rides my tail and attempts to pass me using the small area between my lane and the guard rail - she fails. She is so upset that she cuts the driver off to the left of me, just to try and get next to me so she can yell profanities and pretend she’s going to hit my car. I ignore her and keep driving and she continues to try and catch up to yell. Heavy set woman with brown hair, smoking and driving a chevy colbolt. 

Drive cut into traffic and hit a construction cone.

Drive cut into traffic and hit a construction cone.

R75 7933 Illinois Driver

Was on the phone. Driving in two different lanes. Almost hit my car twice switching from lane to lane.  No signal was ever used. Then proceed to honk when she didn’t have the room to merge into my lane yet once again.  Blocked the entire intersection because she wanted to switch lanes AGAIN but cars weren’t moving.

N90 8705 Plate-Almost hit me and dog at crosswalk

Sunday, July 21st around 3:15…At Randolph and Field Drive, signs for cars to stop, plus the obvious stop sign AND heavy white crosswalk very visible-

Guy in car, windows rolled down stopped so I walked with my dog (big dog) to cross and he then sped up and almost hit us-

Drove down into Lakeshore East park, hauling butt, sat outside by Mariano’s grocery store, then I heard him speed off and then returned to the same spot-

R72 0756 il plate

jackass was driving east bound on ogden on a wed afternoon.  one of those jerks who likes to weave in and out to get there 5 min faster.  in any case, i guess i caused him too much angst as i would not let him pass me as there really was no room for him to go.  he ended up passing me on the left on the wrong side of the road.  

Overly aggressive cab, imagine that

Me eastbound on lake east of halsted. Him cab driver license plate 1288 TX. It was one of the teal and white ford crown victorias, either flash cab or 303 taxi.

Anyone who has been around the city knows what a vehicle’s accelerator being floored sounds like. This fine driving specimen thought it would be a good idea to pass another straight bound vehicle between the driving lane and the parked cars with me riding in between them already between the expressway ramps and desplaines. There wasn’t enough room but I could definitely tell by the sound of his engine that he was really trying (i.e. floored). Upon making the red light at Clinton I made a hand motion for him to settle down as I passed by. Between desplaines and the river he made a pass again but this time deliberately close to me and at a high rate of speed. As I caught up to him again at the Franklin red light I offered to call the police to which he spun his tires and took off. I decided it was best left at that.

Be aware of this individual.

Black Jeep Cherokee Hit with Mirror - IL - G97 3796

G97 3796Driver of a Black Jeep Cherokee hit me with his mirror this morning on my way to work.  I instinctively slapped his mirror (with my winter gloves on) and he began harassing me “how dare you touch my car!” “you think you can do whatever you want!”  

I was on Leavitt heading North just south of Belmont.  We argued at the light.  He denied hitting me and said he was calling the police.  

I told him about the 3 foot passing rule and I would be pleased if he called the police.  He hit me and I have witnesses.

He quieted down while my wife photographed his plates.  My wife told us both to cool down and drive off.  We did.